Our alumni are constant source of inspiration for our students. Glamis Business School is proud to have a diverse body of alumni who are working in leadership positions in different sectors.

Over 200 students have successfully graduated from our institutions and they help in building a high net-value professional network. Many of them are also part-time teaching staff at Glamis and thus contribute in passing on the well-founded legacy of Glamis Business School.


Ms Sanjaana Thakooree
Ms Sanjaana ThakooreeMSc Human Resource Management - 2020

As a young adult, education has always given me a sense of purpose and direction. I have always had the passion to learn and acquire new skills. It all started some years ago after having finished my undergraduate degree in 2014 and having started my professional career.

I wanted to further ‘upgrade’ my skills and knowledge in the field of Human Resources, via a post graduate program. It is hard to study and work at the same time. I therefore had to look for a prestigious institution that could offer a flexible schedule that would suit my professional and personal agenda. I opted for a Master program in Human Resources at Glamis Business School since I found that it was flexible enough to meet my requirement to cope with work during the weekdays and attending classes only on Saturdays.

In 2018, I decided to join Glamis Business School and pursue by passion to learn more about Human Resources. I must say that the study materials provided were relevant and helped me acquire valuable knowledge. Moreover, with the help of the student portal established by Edinburgh Business School, I was able to conveniently access study materials such as past exam papers, study notes or even lecturer’s comments.

The lecturers of the different modules have guided me to make the best out of this learning experience. They even added extra classes for exam preparation. This gave me the unique opportunity to excel and receive distinctions in various papers. I started to feel a great sense of accomplishment and achievement after passing exams with brilliant results. I learnt and acquired great knowledge which will surely help me in my personal ambitions and professional career.

Balancing work commitments and studying at the same time is difficult. It requires personal commitment and determination to be able to manage your professional career, educational aspiration and personal life at the same time. I was also blessed with the support of my close family and friends, without forgetting the flexibility of my employer. I remain forever grateful to my family and friends and all the members of Glamis for their support in this wonderful journey.

Mr Jose Lok Ok Choo
Mr Jose Lok Ok ChooMBA General - 2018

Mr. José Lok, one of our MBA students attended the graduation ceremony at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland last November. Here is what he has to share with us.

“Since a couple of years back, my CV lacked a component which prevented others to recognise and abide to the years of experience I gathered along my employment journey. The only element that would add further value to my credentials is an MBA degree from a well- reputed university.”

“After a benchmark analysis among the top business school representatives, I decided to apply my MBA degree from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh Scotland represented by Glamis business School in Mauritius.

Thanks to Glamis and Heriot Watt, I immediately received a high job proposal during the graduation period in Scotland, being a positive eustress.”

Mr Shateeaum Sewpaul
Mr Shateeaum SewpaulMBA General - 2016

Shateeaum Sewpaul, General Manager of Harel Mallac Technologies has shared with us his experience as a Glamis student.

“After over 20 years in the ICT industry and having been given the opportunity to hold different senior positions during my career, I decided to opt for an MBA with an internationally reputed University so as to acquire advanced management knowledge and concepts to deliver my job in a more impactful manner. After due consideration, I selected Heriot Watt University which is represented in Mauritius by Glamis Business School. After going through the whole MBA prospectus, I immediately enrolled for the 2-3 years part-time study program.

In fact, over and above Heriot Watt’s approach and contents of the course, I chose to do my MBA at Glamis Business School as I was convinced of the profiles and experience of their panel of lecturers. In addition to an adapted time-table that the school designed for professionals following this program, I should also say that the convenience and the lecturing approach at Glamis Business School was also attracting senior executives from diverse companies and industries to actively participate in the classes. This made the sessions for all modules very interactive, enlivening and enriching as well.

The intense learning methodologies and techniques proposed by the different lecturers were of great value and it is also worth mentioning that the school invested in proper and adequate facilities for students to comfortably follow the classes in the best conditions possible.

I graduated in 2016 and I can confirm that the whole academic approach by both Glamis Business School and Heriot Watt were ideal and beyond my expectations. The successful completion of my MBA has reinforced my confidence in the way that I’m performing as a senior leader within the company I’m currently working for. Soon after joining my MBA classes at Glamis Business School, I have and constantly been recommending my colleagues and friends to unhesitatingly embrace this MBA program and more so at Glamis Business School as it was all a unique and memorable experience!”

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