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3 years


In line with the Faculty’s innovative approach where traditional business courses are redesigned to provide students with the career mobility to tap into the growing finance industry, this is a unique programme that adds a finance edge to the popular accounting degree…



The assessment includes a combination of examinations, projects and assignments, and finally a requirement to complete a dissertation in Independent Project in the final year. Students will acquire up-to-date vocational skills that are relevant and competitive. This reflects the complex and challenging nature of the accounting, finance and business realms.

Academic requirements


Minimum 2 D grades

International Baccalaureate (IB)
Minimum score of 26 points in 6 subjects

Year 1: Core subjects: –

• Microeconomics
• Introductory Accounting
• Statistic and its Application
• Financial Market and Institution
• Business Communication
• Business Information System
• Introduction to Management Accounting
• Macroeconomics
• Business Law (Malaysian Perspective)
• Financial Reporting Standards

Year 2: Core subjects :-

• Company Law
• Corporate Account
• Accounting Information System
• Capital Financing and Investment
• Management Science
• Intermediate Management Accounting
• Business Research Method
• Corporate Governance, Risk, and professional Ethics
• Corporate Finance
Year 2: Elective subjects: –
• One to One Marketing
• Taxation
• Business Systems Development Tools
• Auditing and Assurance

Year 3: Core subjects: –

• Strategic Management
• Investment Analysis
• Financial Research Project A
• Advanced Corporate Account
• Multinational Finance
• Advanced Research Project B
• Advanced Management Accounting
• Integrated Case- Study

Year 3: Elective subjects: –

• Advanced Auditing and Assurance
• Corporate taxation
• Risk management and Insurance
• Financial Derivatives

The UCSI University engages in collaborative arrangements with partner institutions based in Malaysia and overseas. The University has primary and ultimate responsibility for academic standards and quality across all its provision. It works collaboratively with other bodies whose roles include accreditation, licensing and regulation in Malaysia and overseas.

In an approved learning partnership arrangement, UCSI retains responsibility for the curriculum, learning outcomes, assessment, award, approval of all teaching staff and all quality assurance matters and the partner is responsible for providing local support and teaching of specific UCSI programmes of study. Graduates are awarded a UCSI degree certificate.

A graduate of this programme would have acquired the necessary basic, integrated and applied skills tailored for a career in accounting and finance. The integration of Accounting, Finance and Business courses also makes this a suitable programme for an individual who wishes to embark on a high-flying career in the corporate world. Potential careers of graduates include the following sectors:

  • Accountancy
  • Insurance
  • Treasury
  • Financial Consultant
  • Banking
  • Stock Broking
  • Fund Manager
  • Strategic Business Consultancy

Local students: 

​Approximate Fees per Term:
Rs 81,880

​Approximate Total Fees:
Rs 522,000


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