Certificate for Beginners

To be able to see this certificate, you need to take and complete one of our course, and print the certificate. It will render all the results to a .PDF file.
The above image is the layout of our certificate for beginners (sample certificate).
If you want to implement the action, Lunartheme gives you a permission to access the dedicated demo account for Lincoln purchasers only. You will be able to test our LearnDash feature with this account right in our main demo. Detailed account information: (This account is used for testing Course, only admin account can view real certificate)
Username: user Password: lunartheme

User Profile

If you are curious about what ‘User Profile’ layout looks like, but cannot log into our demo to give it a look, take a moment reading this:
This page can only be seen when you log into our demo.
It will look like this:   user_profile You can also see this page by accessing our dedicated demo account for customers. Detailed account information:
Username: user Pass: lunartheme

LearnDash Settings in Theme Options

Lincoln has been tested extensively to ensure that it works seamlessly with LearnDash. The theme incorporates custom styling for LearnDash components to give the most appealing look for website. If you want to customize LearnDash Settings:
Go to Appearance >> Theme Options >> LearnDash
This is dedicated to our beloved customers to be able to change basic settings of LearnDash layout in Lincoln.

Listen to Learning on SoundCloud

Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner. The way we speak and write is a major part of our identity. We will explore what dialects tell us about our social networks, whether alphabets really mean anything, and why youth speak is not all that terrible.

The 21st Century Learners

The MacArthur Foundation’s grantmaking aims to determine how digital media are changing the way young people learn, play, socialize, and participate in civic life. Answers are critical to education and other social institutions that must meet the needs of this and future generations.