The Foundation Programme provides a broad introduction to businesses, how they are governed,maintained and financially managed, and the laws to which they must adhere.

Entry requirements

Students without a background in law, finance or governance start with the Foundation Programme set at Level 4 (equivalent to first year undergraduate level). It is a Level 4 qualification, set at the same academic level as a first-year undergraduate degree.

The path to becoming Chartered begins with the Foundation Programme

It is the first step to a career as a governance professional or company secretary. The Foundation Programme provides the relevant skills and knowledge to help prepare you to meet the demands of Part One of the Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme. This is especially useful if you do not have the academic or professional experience to enter the Qualifying Programme at Part One. The Foundation Programme is your first step on the path to a career as a governance professional or company secretary.

Career prospect

The knowledge and skills you learn on this course will prepare you for studying Part One of the Qualifying Programme. In the end of this course, you will gain a better understanding of:

  • how businesses are organised and run and how the external environment affects business activities.
  • the fundamentals of corporate and business (commercial) law and the legal framework within which businesses operate.
  • legal, ownership and management structures for companies, how companies are incorporated and routine company compliance and governance obligations; and
  • the basics of bookkeeping and how to understand the components of financial documentation as well as the principles of financial decision making.

The ICSA Foundation Programme is aimed at individuals wishing to achieve Chartered professional status with ICSA or those wishing to pursue roles/careers in company secretarial, governance, risk and compliance-related fields

Course content

The Foundation Programme covers the following subjects:


This qualification comprises four modules and is assessed via one 3-hour (with 15 minutes’ reading time) closed-book examination which is set and marked by the ICSA institute. Students must pass this examination to be awarded the qualification. The pass mark is 50%.

Fees payable to ICSA

Registration fee: Your initial registration fee includes your student membership for one year (or half a year, depending on when you register), access to ICSA study support resources – including past exam material and study support webinars – and an e-copy of the study text.

Examination entry fee

Once you are ready to take your exam, you will need to pay the examination fee before the close of the exam entry deadline. For June exams the deadline is usually in the last week of March and for November exams it is usually in the last week of September.

Subscription fee

Your first year (or half year) student membership subscription is included in the registration fee, but if you are still studying the Foundation Programme when this expires, you will need to renew your subscription.

Benefits of studying at Glamis Business School

Face to Face tutorials

We provide a total of 66 hours of face to face tutorials at Glamis Business School. Our face-to-face learning ensures a better understanding and real-world examples from industry experts and other students. It also creates the opportunity to connect with, problem-solve, and network with other students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Flexible hours

Face to face classes are held on Saturdays and replacement classes may exceptionally take place after office hours during weekdays or online.

Specialised teaching from industry experts

Our lecturers are highly qualified, fully committed and are field experts. They have a great pulse on their current industry and will equip you with specific skills needed for jobs in the industry. Our lecturers have been exposed to a variety of situations and challenges in their work. They will share their experiences and how they have been addressed. Moreover, they will help you with professional networking.

Administrative support

The student support team consists of dedicated staff whose focus is to facilitate coordination and support systems between students, University, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.


Our strategic location in the centre of Quatre-Bornes gives you access to all amenities.

Fast-track your career

Our ICSA Foundation course starts on 20 March 2021 and we will prepare students for the June 2021 examinations. Our course is delivered in 11 weeks with a total of 66 hours.


Registration fee - full year subscription


Registration fee – half year subscription (1 Feb – 31 July)


Examination entry fee £157 Subscription fee


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Registration deadline: 17 March 2021

Glamis Fees

One – off Enrolment Fee: Rs 1000

Course fees: Rs 18,000

Group discount

We offer a special discount for 3 or more people joining together.

Required documents for enrolment are:

1. A copy of ID card

2. A copy of birth certificate

3. 1 passport size photo

4. Copies of all academic qualifications