Black River Gorges, Mauritius


The Glamis Team organized a healthy fun outing: ‘Heart Walk’ on Saturday 14 July 2018 for our students, staff and friends of Glamis. The aim of this first-ever event was to promote exercise as part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. Participants met at the entrance of Black River Gorges near La Balise Marina at Tamarin.

This walk was full of laughter, fun and adventure with a lot of interaction among those present. Participants moved mindfully breathing in “aromas from the trees”, almost adopting the Japanese art of “Shinrin-Yoku” known as ‘forest bathing’. Actually this therapy is said to boost immunity, lower heart rate, enhance mental wellness, reduce blood pressure and stress hormones as well as increase energy and reduce anxiety, depression and anger.

And indeed participants agreed that this walk in the woods did act as a tonic for the mind and body. So get ready for the next ‘Heart Walk’…. which will be organised in the beginning of the year 2019