Glamis Campus, 12 Cossigny Avenue, Quatre-Bornes, 72253, Mauritius


Glamis Business School welcomed its new batch of students on Saturday the 03 August 2019 through an orientation session. This exercise provides comprehensive information on support and facilities that the school offers. It also ensures that new students know where to seek advice in order to prevent small difficulties becoming great difficulties during their programme of study. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for students to get acquainted to their new academic community and understand the level of commitment and standards expected from them.

On that day, a series of activities such the Business Skill Analysis and Team Challenges were held, and it created a friendly bond with the tutors and students. The objective of those games was to create a sense of team work among the students and provide them with an insight of how to tackle a project and plan accordingly. This is a core aspect of the MBA programme. Refreshments and and pastries were served on that day.