The course is divided into eight modules. Having explored what we mean by ‘leadership’ in the first module, the course then considers key developments in leadership theories and how they apply to modern organisations.

Leadership is enacted differently depending on the context, and the course hones in on some example settings for practice, including creative industries and projects, to explore alternative approaches to leading.

The role of leadership in setting and shaping organisational strategy is also explored, and contemporary issues of gender, culture and ethics are discussed.

Topics include:
  • Introduction to leadership
  • Traditional and contingency leadership approaches
  • Modern theories of leadership
  • Post-heroic leadership
  • Leadership in contexts
  • Leadership, gender and culture
  • Leadership and ethics
  • Developing leadership

The course ends by considering how leaders and leadership can be developed and provides insights into current trends and future directions.

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Read an extended outline of the course syllabus for Leadership Theory and Practice, which gives you an overview of the course content.